Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon

Ami Mizuno (Amy Anderson) is one of the main characters in Sailor Moon. Her Sailor Scout identity is Sailor Mercury. 


Ami was a shy girl who did not make friends easily, preferring to be alone with her books instead. Her classmates mistook her withdrawn nature for arrogance, so they did not approach her either until Usagi started doing so. She studied very hard and regularly finished at the top of national exams, leading her classmates to speculate that she was superhuman and had an IQ of 300. Math and science were her favorite subjects, and she was aiming to become a doctor like her mother. Usually calm and level-headed, she was the voice of reason of the Senshi team. The others often relied on her plans and analyses, but they often thought she should "loosen up" more.

Ami was a kind and gentle person who disliked quarrels and abhorred harming innocent people. This trait was even cited in the title of anime episode 122, where she persuaded Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune not to kill Hotaru. Like her comrades, her loyalty to Sailor Moon was unwavering, and she would sacrifice her life for her princess if necessary.


Like the others, Ami retains the same appearance as she did in the manga: blue hair that is a few above her shoulders and blue eyes. In the SuperS season, her hair is about an inch or two longer, but still retains a short length. She later returns to her original hair length in the Stars season.

Like Usagi, she wears a standard Azabu Juban school uniform.

Her notable casual outfit is similar to Usagi's from the first up to the third season, she wears a pink short jacket with a white long sleeve button shirt with a blue ribbon on the collar, cream yellow long skirt, white socks and brown shoes.

As Sailor Mercury, her outfit comes in different shades of blue.


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