American Alien is an American superhero television series which airs on Netflix. The series is based on the Superman mythos and follows a far less experienced and younger Clark Kent, portrayed in the series by Ian Somerhalder, following him as he learns how to be the famous hero everyone knows him as today.

Series Overview

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On the doomed planet of Krypton, a child is sent away from his home by his parents, landing on Earth and growing up with superhuman abilities. After finding out about his past, the child, now named Clark Kent, moves to Metropolis where he becomes a reporter and meets many different co-workers who would later become his best of friends. At first, Clark wished to live a normal life, but after preventing a large disaster with his abilities, he realizes how much good he can do in the world and he becomes the hero that the world would soon know as Superman.

Cast and Characters

  • Ian Somerhalder as Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman

The titular "American Alien" of the series who is a reporter at the Daily Planet and has amazing superhuman abilities, including flight, super strength, and heat vision. This rendition of the character was made intentionally weaker than his comic counterpart, as the creators wanted to show him slowly become more powerful throughout the series.

  • Margaret Qualley as Lois Lane

Another reporter who is known for being rather blunt and putting herself in danger just to get a story. She has an amazing reputation, as she never fakes stories or stretches the truth, making her one of the most famous reporters in Metropolis. She doesn't allow personal relationships to get in the way of the truth and will expose anyone if they do something illegal.

  • Josh Hutcherson as James "Jimmy" Olsen

A cub reporter at the Planet who is extremely clumsy and often gets himself into trouble, though he is an extremely good photographer and has a very kind heart, always doing the right thing despite temptations and sticking beside his friends through thick and thin.

  • JK Simmons as Perry White

The editor and chief of the Daily Planet who is often referred to as "Chief" by his employees, a name which he despises. He is rather hot-headed and will insult people quite a bit. Despite this though, he truly cares about his employees and his company, so if anything bad happens to them or it he will do everything in his power to fix it.

  • Shemar Moore as Ronald "Ron" Troupe


  • Daniel Cudmore as Steven "Steve" Lombard


  • Kelli Garner as Catherine "Cat" Grant






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