Amblin World
Theme Steven Spielberg's films and TV shows
Owner Amblin World, Inc.
Amblin Partners (100%)
The Walt Disney Company (50%)
NBCUniversal (Comcast) (50%)
Reliance Entertainment (35%)
Slogan It's Not Just a Movie Or a Theme Park, It's Amblin World!
Location Mumbai, India

Amblin World is a theme park at Mumbai, India. It is themed and dedicated to the film and television works of Steven Spielberg and his companies, Amblin Partners (Amblin Entertainment, DreamWorks Pictures, and Participant Media) and DreamWorks Animation.

It is owned by Amblin World, Inc., a joint venture Amblin Partners (100%), Disney (50%), NBCUniversal, a Comcast company (50%), and Reliance Entertainment (35%).

The park contains lands and attractions which all operated by various theme park operating and developing companies (e.g. Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal Creative, etc.). Some attractions, that are already at other theme parks, licensed for the park and some that're original created for the park.


Amblin Plaza

  • E.T. Adventure
  • Gremlins Invasion
  • Twister... Ride it Out!
  • Transformers: The Ride 4D
  • Men in Black: Alien Attack
  • The Goonies Adventure
  • Amblin VR Experience

Hill Valley

  • Back to the Future: The Ride

Jurassic Park

  • Jurassic Park: The Ride
  • Jurassic Park Discovery Center
  • Dino Camp
  • Dino-Sore


  • JAWS

Amblin Toontown

A section themed to Spielberg's animation works for Universal, Disney and Warner Bros.

  • Roger Rabbit's Car Toon-Spin!
  • Animaniacs Wacky Mania
  • Fievel's Adventure - An American Tail - a dark ride based on Universal Pictures' 1986 cult animated classic An American Tail.
  • Fievel's Playland
  • Amblin Toon Rocks!
  • The Land Before Time: Littlefoot's Play Valley - TBA

DreamWorks Animation Universe

Themed to the animated film works of DreamWorks Animation. Theme: DreamWorks Animation

  • Over the Hedge 4D
  • Shrek 4D
  • Donkey Live
  • Madagascar: The Ride
  • Trollz - Live
  • TBA

Spielberg Lake

  • Steven Spielberg Presents: Movie Magic 360 - a nighttime fireworks and laser show featuring famous scenes from the film projects of Steven Spielberg, Amblin Entertainment and DreamWorks onto four giant screens in the center of the park.


Franchises Characters Area location
Transformers film series Otimus Prime



Gremlins Gizmo


Back to the Future Doc Brown
Roger Rabbit
Wakko, Yakko, and Dot
Tiny Toon Adventures Buster Bunny and Babs Bunny

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