This is an idea for an "Amazing Word of Gumball" episode called "The The" it will be an "Amazing World of Gumball" episode where Anais get a video camera from "the awesome store" and realized it's recording what we are watching, and she clicks the button to stop recording, and  we see the credits but she is still on screen freaking out as well, and then she gets stuck in the static place till the end of the episode where she meets Battleaxe and Jessica (who are my Oc's) they show her around the place and their family who are basically copy cats of the Watterson family but as different species as them as well as opposite gender. And she does not listen to them for the duration of the episode because she is too focused on getting home but when she does listen to them she figures out a way to get home which is to wrap themselves in tinfoil and then start recording the episode again with the video camera. So then she does it and she brings them back to Elmore with her, they take off the tinfoil, then Anais says "Well now what?" and then it ends.


Anais Watterson (Anthropomorphic Pink bunny with orange and white dress)(Female)

Owner of awesome store (mysterious black shadow figure)(I assume Male)

Battleaxe Firedaughter (Gumball copycat)(brown anthropomorphic dog wearing The same dress from The episode ("The Dress")(female)

Jessica Firedaughter (Darwin copycat)(Blue Anthropomorphic bird with orange/yellow bird legs and beak wearing purple Leg/Arm warmers)(Female)

Aiden Firedaughter (Anais copycat)(Anthropomorphic Black cat with messy hair wearing orange pants and a white shirt with an orange jacket)(male)

Nicholas Firedaughter (Nicole copycat)(Brown Anthropomorphic dog that wears same shirt as Nicole but with gray pants)

Rebecca Firedaughter (Richard copycat)(fat Anthropomorphic Black Cat with the same shirt and pants as Richard but with a black bow/beret on their head)


This is a work in progress, so if you notice any spelling/Grammar errors fell free to fix them.

Put your ideas in the comments.

Yes the Firedaughter family will be in the same art style as the Watterson family.

Gumball and Darwin could be in this episode as well as in come with her to the static area, and help convince her to listen to the Firedaughter family, but I am not sure if they should be in it or not.

The Firedaughter family is French that's why Rebecca (The Richard copycat) wears a beret, also Nicholas (The Nicole copycat) has a French accent.

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