Alvin's Great Escape Is A 1961 Film.


Voice cast

Ross Bagdasarian Sr. as Alvin, Simon, Dave Seville and Theadore

Daws Butler as Yogi Bear, Bricks, Jungle and Edgar Bear

Don Messick as Boo Boo Bear and Ranger Smith

Allan Melvin as Bandit Bear and Laa Laa Bear

Hamilton Camp as Li'l Brother Bear and Candy Canes Bear

Paul Lynde as William Bear

Henry Gibson as Snakes Bear

Lucille Bliss as Duchess Bear

Rod Taylor as Exclamation Point and Poppy Seeds

Ben Wright as Pokey Bear

Phil Harris as Turtle Bear


  • Theadore: This Isn't A Family It's A Prison You're A Liar And A Bully I'm Going To The Van To Before You!
  • Yogi Bear: Fair?! I'll Tell You What's Not Fair Spending A Lifetime On A Dime-Store Shelf Do You Understand?


Alvin's Great Escape Theme (1:30)

It's Not So Hard To Be A Bear (1:38)

Watch Out Alvin The Chipmunk (2:03)

Do You Love Me? (2:30)

Top of the Woods (1:41)


George Bruns


March 18, 1961

Home media releases

March 9, 1999 VHS

October 5, 2004 DVD

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