Alumina: Robot Princess is an American fantasy science-fiction comedy video game series created by TBD, being developed by TBD and published by THQ/Nordic Games/THQ Nordic since September 16th, 1997.


Set in a kingdom inhabited by robots, a robot princess named Alumina, tired of having to stay inside her castle to be kept safe, decides to go on various adventures in order to prove people that she is able to fight off threats.


  1. Alumina: Robot Princess (1997)
  2. Alumina: Rise of the Wrecker (1999)
  3. Alumina and Rusty (2001)
  4. Alumina and the Robot Frog (2004)
  5. TBD (2007)
  6. TBD (2009)
  7. TBD (2012)
  8. TBD (2015)
  9. TBD (2017)
  10. TBD (2019)
  11. TBD (2021)



  • AL13/Alumina (voiced by Tara Strong) - an adventurous robot princess who wants to prove people that not all princesses are helpless and always vulnerable for being kidnapped, in which some like her are able to fight threats off.


  • King Tintin (voiced by TBD) - a robot king who is Alumina's father.
  • Queen Vanadia (voiced by TBD) - a stern yet caring robot queen who is Alumina's mother.
  • TBD (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • P0T-10/Petra (voiced by TBD) - a kind female robot who is good at cooking various types of foods.


  • D/FLT (voiced by TBD) - a villainous machine who controls an army of robotic monsters called T1T0Ns as he wants to cause the ultimate destruction.
  • The Wrecker (voiced by TBD) - a hostile giant robot who likes to wreck kingdoms.
  • Acidtron (voiced by TBD) - a mysterious robot that can put people in hallucinations with a strange gas.



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