Alpha Kids is an American animated science-fiction fantasy superhero action-comedy television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network.


The series mainly focuses a team of young heroes known as the Alpha Kids, here to save the day from evil villains that wanna take over their city, the Earth or the entire universe.


In the year 2025, humans co-exists with aliens, robots, and antropomorphic animals. The Earth is under the protection of the Alpha Alliance, a group of the greatest superheroes in the entire universe. However, when Metro City is under attacked by various supervillains and intergalactic criminals, the Alpha Kids are here to save the day.


Main Characters

  • Alpha Kids
    • Alex - an alien boy with many powers and the main protagonist.
    • Adapt Boy - an boy with the ability to replicate inorganic elements. He is the son of Spectre Woman.
    • Princess Sorceryia - a girl with magical powers and the leader of the team.
    • Thunder Kid - a boy with thunder powers.
    • Lara Berry - a girl with shrinking superpowers.
    • Cassie - an Abrunian and Alex's older sister.
    • May - an Abrunian and Alex's older sister.


  • Dr. Skull - a mad scientist supervillain and the main antagonist of the show. He is the arch enemy of the Alpha Kids. 
  • Owl King - an owl-like alien creature and the secondary antagonist of the show.
  • Dark Moth - an evil Abrunian and the tertiary antagonist of the show. He is Alex's father and is one of the most evil beings in the universe.
  • Mega Human Gang - a group of super powered teenage hoodlums who live in the Metro City dumps and are one of the lesser enemies of the Alpha Kids. 
  • Crab-Man - a crab themed villain. 
  • Mister Presto - an evil magician. 
  • King Fish - an evil fish humanoid warlord who wants to rule the surface world. 
  • Iron Goliath - a giant golem made of pure iron. 
  • Jester - a wacky villain in a jester outfit. 
  • Ice Queen - a female villain who manipulates ice.
  • Metal Monkey - a robot monkey.
  • Evil Teacher - an evil teacher. 
  • Game Boy - 
  • Benny the Bunny - an evil scientist trapped in the body of a white rabbit and one of the recurring villains on the show. 
  • Mad Chef - an evil French chef supervillain. 
  • Solaris -  an intergalactic supervillain gets stronger by absorbing solar energy. 
  • Cosmic Worm - a monstrous cosmic entity and the bigger bad of the show. He is responsible for the destruction of many planets.

Supporting Characters

  • Alpha Alliance - an intergalactic organization comprised of superheroes from other worlds.
    • Spectre Woman - a superhero and the mother of Adapt Boy.
    • Morpho Man - the father of Adapt Boy.
    • Queen Sapphire - the ruler of Mondar and the mother of Princess Sorceryia. 
    • King Diamond - co-ruler of Mondar, husband of Queen Sapphire and father of Princess Sorceryia.
    • Cyana - the queen of the Abrunians and the mother of Alex. 
  • Princess Ivy - a member of the Abrunians, sister of Cyana, and the aunt of Alex, Cassie, and May.


Season 1

Name No. Plot Villain(s)
Origin of the Alpha Kids Part 1 1 The children of the universe's greatest heroes decide to form a team of their own when an Abrunian child named Alex is missing on Earth.
Origin of the Alpha Kids Part 2 2 The Alpha Kids must save their parents from Dr. Skull.
The Babysitter 4
Invasion of the Evil Bunnies 5
Alex vs. Metal Monkey 7 The Alpha Kids fight Metal Monkey.
Golem 8
Sweet Dreams 9
The Maze of Power 10
Fear Itself 11
Lara's Time to Shine 12
It's an Alex Life 13 After unintentionally upsetting his friends and family, Alex runs away, thinking they'll be better off without him.

Season 2

Don't Wake Up Alex
The Monster of Metro City

Season 3

Title No. Plot Villain(s)

Season 4

Season 5


  • The show uses elements from The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, and Steven Universe.
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