A couple take a trip to Hawaii, when they go to the jungle to explore things, only to bump into Hawaiians who tell them about the curse of Brahoda.


February 14, 2014


  • Derrek Riffle (Andrew Garfield) - in the end, leaves for The Swiss Alps!
  • Madalin Eve (Emma Stone) - Derrek's girlfriend, as they take a trip to Hawaii to explore things, in the end, also leaves for the Swiss Alps!
  • Kuala (Megan Fox) - the princess, who told Derrek and Madalin about the curse of Brahoda, in the end, returns into the Volcano!
  • Mr. Westley (Nicolas Cage) - the Hawaiian who is confused all the time, in the end, when Madalin states, "That's the last we'll see of Brahoda!", he states, "What?"
  • Herriet (Vanessa Hudgens) - the hula dancer who puts hula necklices as greetings to tourists, in the end, leaves with Jumbo!
  • Jumbo (Andy Serkis) - the princess' bodyguard, in the end, leaves with Herriet to the Borneo Rainforest!
  • Brahoda - an ancient enity who sets upon a curse on the Hawaiians, in the end, was returned to the cursed tiki!
  • M'Kumba (Ian McDiarmid) - the witch doctor who summoned the curse of Brahoda, in the end, is taken by Brahoda into the Cursed tiki!



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