Alma's Epic Movie is a 2021 adult black comedy animated teen comedy coming-of-age film. It is about a few middle/high school and college students who befriend each other and plan to make a low-budget comedy movie, but also have to deal with their own troubles and encounter chaos on the way.

In 2022, it got a sequel, Stupid Movie.


Act I (W.I.P)

Scene 1

In late 2007, Leroy, a 13 year old middle school student who lives in the fictional town of Schmucksville, Colorado, goes to school only to be told by the principal in the school's West Gym that there have been disasters in nearby states and regions that are now heading towards their area. Suddenly, a brutal rainstorm and hailstorm happens at the same time, causing the ceiling in the West Gym to be destroyed. The students are taken to a hidden bomb shelter that was built into the school during the Cold War.

Scene 2

A few days later, school is cancelled for the day. Leroy gets an email that tells him all schools in the area will be cancelled more often for the safety of the students and staff. Leroy's 4 year old stepsister, Laurel, then asks him to help walk her to school after he reads the email. Leroy reluctantly tells Laurel that they both can't go to school for the day.

Laurel then goes back to the living room, and then comes back with a DVD case, asking Leroy if she could watch the DVD on his XBOX 360 (since the DVD player was broken and was getting fixed). Leroy lets her watch it, because he had other plans for the day that the XBOX wasn't a part of.

Scene 3

Act II

Scene TBA

Around 10 years later, in late 2017, two cousins, LEON and Leonie Galán are freshmen at a public high school in a fictional neon-themed town in Utah. This act opens with Leonie playing Blood-Red String, a video game that parodies Yandere Simulator, on her Nintendo Switch. She then gets a game over and gets frustrated over how hard the game is, but then LEON groggily tells her that he's trying to sleep and she should go to sleep too. Leonie then listens to him and turns the game off before going to sleep.

Scene TBA

On the first day, they both get ready for school and catch the bus, constantly getting sidetracked as they walk to the bus stop.

However, when they get on the bus, they realize how rowdy the students are, and Leonie is mocked by a few girls for having "tiny bitch disease" due to her height. When they get off, she is followed by the "mean girls".

The "mean girls" are then attacked by a blonde freshman girl who appears to be the same height as Leonie. After they leave, the blonde girl introduces herself as Laveer. Leonie realizes she has to go to class and checks out her schedule, only for Laveer to realize they have the same first period. They then walk to class together.

After school, LEON is walking to school when a group of 7th-8th graders and one 5th grader playing paintball accidentally hit him multiple times. LEON sighs and and continues to walk home annoyed.

The players notice him and two of them takes off their helmets. One asks "did we make him mad?". The other then replies "it looks like we did. Let's just hope he doesn't chew us out if we ever cross paths again".

Scene TBA

The movie then shifts focus on Jermaine Vega, a community college student. After he finishes playing the last song with his band, sbeve (whom he is the drummer of), he goes backstage and somehow comes across his girlfriend, Abby. They have a conversation, but it quickly becomes an argument.

It then cuts to a drunk Jermaine stumbling into the band's van while Abby leaves. Jermaine wakes up in the band's condo with a hangover, then takes a cold shower to sober up.

After Jermaine gets out, Leroy scolds him for drinking again, stating "you said you would try hard to get over this addiction, but nothing seems to have changed" and then leaves.

Scene TBA

The next day, it's announced that there is an upcoming school event where the students will visit the nearby community college for a tour and be partnered with a student from said college, and that it will happen next week. It then cuts to a title card saying "1 week later..."

LEON is at the community college, commenting on how fast the week passed before a teacher tells him that he will be partnered with Jermaine. They introduce themselves to each other.

Jermaine shows LEON around the college before he suddenly comes across Abby. She then tells him that they're breaking up. This puts Jermaine in a bad mood for the rest of the tour.

After the tour ends and the high school students go back to their school, Jermaine asks the viewer if he could've possibly done anything to prevent the breakup. He then considers his alcoholism as the reason why they broke up.

LEON is then seen in one of the school's courtyards explaining his experience with the tour to his friends, and that he's been thinking about if Jermaine was OK, especially because he seemed embarrassed to break up in public.

Scene TBA

Haro, a sophomore who is a friend of Jermaine and is also a member of sbeve, is concerned about Jermaine's alcoholism, so he looks for someone who could possibly help him on the internet.

He finds "Smas Recer", which is supposedly the most reliable place, but appears to be a dilapidated building. He walks in, and tries to find someone (even though most of the doors are locked) almost gives up until it turns out someone else is in the building as well.

A young man named Brand and his pet stick figure named deadman find Haro and asks him what he's here for. Haro replies by stating he has a friend in need of help. Brand then replies that he can help, but Haro has to make a sacrifice in return, and he cannot choose.

Haro tries to protest, but then Brand states that he has already chosen what sacrifice he has to make, but will not reveal it. Haro demands to know before Brand runs into another room and locks the door. Haro tries to leave, but the floor below him breaks. He wakes up tied to a chair only to find out he's been deceived, and that Brand was the kid who betrayed Haro when he was in 2nd grade. ("I Own You")

Scene TBA

Jermaine realizes the breakup would've been inevitable, even if he got over his addiction before the breakup as his two-year long romantic relationship with Abby was getting more stale anyways ("The Crow & The Butterfly"), so he reminisces the times the good memories they had together as he takes pictures of them together off of his dorm room's wall.

Scene TBA

LEON comes across a girl that he likes while walking down the halls at school. He stands in place frozen until someone snaps him out of it. He then goes to class, only to find missing posters of Haro on the walls. He doesn't pay attention in class due to the fact he's worried about his friend. After class ends, he bolts out of school and starts looking for him.

Brand, pretending to be alarmed, then tells his younger brothers, Jackie, Russell and Joe, that their friend, Haro, is missing. Joe then corrects Brand by stating "He's not my friend. I couldn't care less." before walking away. Brand demands Joe to come with them and they look for Haro.

Jackie and Russell give up, and a frustrated Brand guides Joe back to his building (which looks dilapidated again), and then tells Joe to come in, insisting that Haro is in there. Brand then lures Joe to a room and deadman helps trap him in there as the last verse of "I Own You" plays.

Scene TBA



Leroy Montez (Teen: TBA, Adult: TBA) A guy who aims to stop a destructive cult named "The Last Order" from ending the world twice. He is 13-15 years old in Act I and 23 years old in Act II.

Malcolm Liang (Preteen/Teen: TBA, Adult: TBA) A spy who at first accuses Leroy of being a member of The Last Order before joining forces with him to stop them. He is 12-14 years old in Act I and 22 years old in Act II.

Jamie Díaz (Teen: TBA, Adult: TBA) A Dominican-American young woman who is one of Leroy's friends. She is 13-15 in Act I and 23-24 in Act II.

Tristan Nguyen (Teen: TBA, Adult: TBA) An Australian-American who is a friend of Leroy. He is 14-16 in Act I and 24 in Act II.

Laurel Vega-Montez (Kid: TBA, Teen: TBA) Leroy's younger stepsister who joins the adventure in Act I after stowing away. She is 4-6 years old in Act I and 14 in Act II. She remains a main character in Act II.

Jermaine Vega (Kid/Preteen: TBA, Adult: TBA) One of Leroy's friends who eventually joins a band named dank meembers. He is 9-11 years old in Act I and 19 in Act II. He remains a main character in Act II.

LEON Galán (Kid: TBA, Teen: TBA) One of the main protagonists of Act II. He joins Leroy's journey to stop Brand and The Last Order from ending the world after it's announced that they plan to end the world again soon.


The characters come from a story that Alma wrote when she was in 9th grade and attempted to adapt into a web series, but the attempt was shelved. This film was originally going to be based on the 2008 Shinedown album "The Sound of Madness", but it was scrapped, since Alma believed she couldn't do the album enough justice in her film. Some songs from said album still play in the film.


Some of the songs in this film are a cover instead of the original version of the song. Some songs remain in their original form. The songs are in the background instead of being sung by the characters. Credit for the songs goes to their original owners.

The songs from the album do not play in the same order they were in the original album.


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