Allies Forever is an co-operative Adventure-Action game for PlayStation 4. This is a crossover game based on various characters of different universes.


The Overlord (the character of the eponymous game) wants to conquer the world, sending his minions around in various places, causing panic and destruction. A group of characters from other universes, join forces to put an end to the chaos.

Playable Characters

Alien Hominid Alien Hominid Knife Blaster
Eva/Molly Wei Oban Star Racers Wrench N/A
Ren Hoek and Stimpy J. Cat The Ren & Stimpy Show Paddle (Ren Hoek) and (Giant Toothbrush) N/A
Isaac The Binding Of Isaac N/A Tears
Konata Izumi Lucky Star Pan Cooking N/A
Spyro Spyro The Dragon Charge Fire
Globox Rayman Fists Spit
Toroko Cave Story Stick N/A
Rainbow Dash My Little Pony Big Kick N/A
Miles "Tails" Prower Sonic the Hedgehog Tails N/A
Sackboy LittleBigPlanet Slapping Creatinator
Klonoa Klonoa Sword Boomerang
Toro Inoue Doko Demo Issyo Fists N/A
Madotsuke Yume Nikki Knife N/A
Cuddles, Giggles and Nutty Happy Tree Friends Pain Cooking (Cuddles), Besom (Giggles) and Skewer Of Candy (Nutty) N/A
Sheep Catherine Cushion N/A


Minions The most common enemies. They come in 4 different colors and with different attacks: The brown minions wield melee weapons and attack in groups; red minions attack by shooting fireballs and are immune to fire; green minions attack often behind the players in camouflaging go places, and have poisonous attacks; blue minions are the weakest and can heal their allies. Overlord
Higher Minions They are a step above the Minions. They are a little taller and more muscular, and wield more weapons. N/A
Gaper They are monsters with the similarities of Isaac. They are classified as Zombies. The Binding Of Isaac
Gurgle Similar to Gaper, but more menacing and attacks with explosive vomiting. The Binding Of Isaac
Hunters They attack the player with their guns shoot-rockets. Rayman
Slayer They are soldier girl armed with blades-gun. They look like Ayumi from X-Blades. N/A
Amazon They are Women very high and attack with magic powers. They look like the protagonist of Bayonetta. N/A
Gnorcs The most common Gnorc skin color is green but they can also come in yellow, blue, purple and orange colours. Spyro The Dragon
Big Gnorcs They are Gnorcs much bigger and stronger. They are also very dangerous. Spyro The Dragon
Huge Gnorcs They are similar to the Big Gnorc, but more armored and strong. Spyro The Dragon
Creepers They are green creatures explosive. Minecraft
Zombies Undead people who are in cemeteries or destroyed city. Minecraft, Half-Life and Left 4 Dead
Skeletons They will attack shooting arrows. Minecraft
Enderman They are black creatures with long arms and legs. They are able to teleport at will. Minecraft
Robots They are robotic clones of the characters in Team Fortress 2. Team Fortress 2
Robotic Clones They are robotic clones of the playable characters. N/A


Monstro Monstro is a slow-moving but hard-hitting boss. He will semi-randomly switch between hopping towards the player, spitting a bunch of blood shots (after smiling), or launch into the air and land at the spot the player was standing in when he went up along with blood shots fired in every direction when he hits the ground. The Binding Of Isaac

Gemini are a set of conjoined twins (parasitic twins) attached by an umbilical cord. The larger of the two brothers charge the player, the smaller shoots the blood. At half health, the largest dies, and the smaller will be furious and will try to load the player.

The Binding Of Isaac
Wascot A guy with a bizarre costume; he attacks with a small paddle. Wascot grabs and spanks the player if the latter is very close. Super Monday Night Combat

He is a colossal purple minions and he has the similarities of a brown minions. He is very strong, spits fire, poisons the player with a smelly breath and then can heal himself.

After the first battle, Behemoth will not die, but he runs away. Instead, after the second battle, he dies.

Gnasty Gnorc

The king of Gnorc and archenemy of Spyro. He is a colossal Gnorc, with a strong armor and magical scepter. During the battle, gets help from his Gnorcs and simultaneously shoot magical rays toward of the player. At half health, Gnasty Gnorc will make a magic on himself and become larger. At that moment there will be more other Gnorc to help their boss, and Gnasty Gnorc will no longer use his magic scepter, but his fists.

Spyro The Dragon

It's a dark dragon and powerful. It is fought in an arena in the dimension End, and will try to eat the player. In the arena there are 5 magic cubes that will heal the Enderdragon. If the cubes are all destroyed, the boss will be angry, constantly calling the Endermen that will help him in battle.

Once defeated, the Enderdragon will dissolve and it will open a portal to exit from the End.

Tank It's a zombie very strong, big and muscular. He charge the player, punching him or by throwing huge rocks.
Gray Mann

An inventor who built a invincible robotic clones army. He fights with a giant Mecha in his base. His Mecha shoots torpedoes very powerful and deadly laser rays. He often insults the player whenever the latter is damaged.

After he is defeated, the Mecha will explode, and Gray Mann dies.

Team Fortress 2
The Overlord

He is the main antagonist and final boss. The final battle is divided into 3 rounds: The first round begins in the throne room; Overlord is initially seated on the throne, and he will summon Behemoth to fight the player (this is the second battle against Behemoth, and it will be similar to the previous).

After defeating Behemoth, will start the second round: Overlord descends from the throne and starts to fight. The boss attacks with his club of iron, which will cause severe damage to the player; he will summon Minions random around the battlefield; if he comes close to the player, attack with the rays that will cause a damaging shock to the player.

In the third round, Overlord fall to the ground, but then rise again, transformed into a monstrous beast. The boss will attack with bites, it will load the player, spits fire, will crash to the ground trying to hit the player.

When the Overlord is defeated, he will return to his original shape and will dissolve.

The peace will return to the world and protagonists begin to celebrate.


Worlds and levels


  • The Village
  • Dark Forest
  • Dark Hollow


  • Girl's Village
  • Magic Springs
  • Behemoth's Attack


  • GnorcVille
  • Gansty Gnorc's Castle
  • Gnasty Gnorc's Hall


  • Cube Forest
  • A dimension called End
  • The Enderdragon


  • Zombie Infestation
  • Deadly Streets
  • The King Of The Zombie


  • Robots' base
  • The Labs
  • Gray Mann


  • The Gate Of Hell
  • The Hellish World
  • The Overlord


At one level, players must choose a character. You can play from 1 to a maximum of 4 players online or offline. Each character has a melee or ranged weapon. The players have to go through 7 worlds, defeating enemies, level up the characters and enhance them (damage, speed and ability) and find hidden objects. During the fighting, if an enemy is stunned, the player can choose to perform a special attack to easily eliminate the enemy. Special attacks to chooseare 4: Happy Slappy (the player slaps the enemy continuously), Spanking (the player begins to spank the enemy, the last slap will fly off the enemy), Back-heel (The player pushes the enemy and knocks him to the ground, and then begins to hit his belly with the heel) and Wandering (the player grabs the enemy and begins to turn on itself, with the enemy grabbed, after which throws him away). To perform some special attacks must increase the Ability. You can perform combos with melee attacks, but some combo be only executed if you increase the Ability.


Lever Left = Move the Character

Lever Right = Move the Camera

Square Button = Melee Attack

Triangle Button = Heavy Melee Attack

Cirlce Button = Ranged Weapon

X Button = Jump (Pressing this button a second time, characters with wings can planar)

Select Button = Taunt

R2 Button = Locks onto the target

Arrow Keys = Emote

Button Start = Pause Menu

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