Allies and Enemies is an American-adult animated comedy-drama television series being created by TBD, it is produced by Warner Bros. Animation. It premiered on Adult Swim since October 5, 2019.


After the great war, a peace treaty between the Allies and Enemies was signed. Until, the king of enemies disagreed on the treaty and wanted to kill every ally.



  • Veronica the Ally (voiced by TBD) - a optimstic-nervous girl who TBD.
  • Drake the Ally (voiced by TBD) - a rich-bragging self-aware teen who gets himself TBD.
  • Clark the Ally (voiced by TBD) - a doctor who TBD.
  • Carla the Ally (voiced by TBD - a depressed ally who TBD.
  • Han the Enemy (voiced by TBD) - a strong TBD.
  • Zach the Enemy (voiced by TBD) - the calmed man of the enemies.


  • Zoey the Ally - Veronica's girlfriend who aids her during her adventures and meetings.


  • Luke the Enemy King (voiced by TBD) - a greedy king who wants to end the treaty.
  • Ronica the Enemy Queen (voiced by TBD) - TBD.


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