Allias 3 : Mammoth Quest

Directed by Carlos Saldahna
Produced by John Lasseter
Chris Wedge
Lauren Faust
Story by Allias Salmon

Bruno Mars

Eddie Murphy

Harrsion Chad

Lance Henriksen

Denis Leary

Corey Burton

Music by John Powell
Studio Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures
Release dates November 19, 1997 (USA)
Country United States, Canada, Australia
Language English

Allias 3 : Mammoth Quest is a 1997 American/Canadian/Australian comedy computer/traditonal animated adventure film directed by John Lasseter and Don Bluth, distributed by Disney Pictures.


  • Bruno Mars as Allias Salmon, A young kid and the main protagonist. He is now 9 years old.
  • Eddie Murphy as Manny, A mammoth and the deuteragonist. He is Allias' best friend. He also had a larger role
  • Harrsion Chad as Tarzan, A youngster and the minor character. He has a large role in the film.
  • Denis Leary as Simba, A black cat and Allias' best friend. He also sounds like Diego from Ice Age.
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Barry, Allias' dad. He speaks in a deep voice.
  • Corey Burton as Megan Hason, A selfish lady and the main antagonist. In the beginning of the film, she is a human until the climax of the film. She is a giant demon bear, bigger than Barry. She got killed by Allias.
  • Gilbert Gottfried as Ryan Burke, A fat and tendery human and the secondary antagonist. He felled down and got eaten by alligators. He is similar to Mr. Snoops from the Rescuers.
  • as Maria, A snooty little girl who got eaten by Simba.
  • Frank Welker as Megan's roaring sounds.
  • Carole Cook as Pearl Gesner, a farmer who is Allias grandmother


  • Rick Moranis didn't reprise his role in the film, so he was replaced by Bruno Mars.
  • Megan Hason is the only villain in the Allias series to be an animal in a human suit.
  • This also might be the last film with Maria.
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