Allegra's Window is a reboot of the original series that will air on Nick Jr.


Returning Characters

  • Allegra -
  • Rondo -
  • Lindi -
  • Riff -
  • Mr. Cook -
  • Poco -
  • Sonata -
  • Clef -
  • Reed -
  • Ms. Melody -
  • Encora -
  • Ellington -
  • Woofer, Aria and Tweeter -

New Characters

  • Forte - He is Lindi's scamming uncle who only cares about money and not other people besides his niece and Allegra, though he is not inherently evil. He does learn important lessons from Allegra when taking antagonistic roles.
  • Quatrain - The main antagonist of the series taking Riff's role as antagonist as Riff has a soft side. He is a red monstrous hummingbird who is Hummingbird Alley's famous and most wanted thug whose evil plans are always foiled by Allegra and her family and friends and often doesn't understand real friendship. He is mean to everyone around him, including Riff, whom he occasionally deceives, which makes Riff feel remorseful for being tricked. Although usually an antagonist, he is frequently shown as a protagonist or an antihero.


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