I love going on adventures
Hey there, everyone, for those who were born blind, I'm Kimberly Jordan, a real-life human from Maryland in the US, and I would like to invite all the suitable characters from every franchise ever known from Disney to DreamWorks to Nintendo and so many more. So I would like to start with team Disney because it's the best of all the franchises.

Mickey Mouse: Hiya, folks, I'm Mickey Mouse!

Minnie Mouse: And I am Minnie Mouse. We're the best couple in all the Disney world, aren't we my love?

Mickey: Yeah, we really are. *laughs with Minnie as they hug each other*

Donald Duck: Hey! I'm Donald Duck!

Daisy Duck: And I am Daisy Duck. We're another one of the Disney couples for sure.

Ariel: My name's Ariel and this is my husband Eric. We married just to get our firstborn daughter Melody.

Eric: I agree. Our happy ending had made her beginning.

Melody: That's right, mom and dad, and I'll never have to choose between the land and Atlantica. Here are all of our friends from the sea.

Sebastian the Crab: Hello, mon! I am Sebastian.

Flounder the Fish: And I'm Flounder. We've got a friend who is a seagull.

Scuttle the Seagull: Yep, that's me, I'm Scuttle. We've been friends with Melody as well as Ariel.

Kimberly Jordan: My, oh, my, that's all the different turns each character had. Now, it's time to introduce the rest of Ariel's family.

Queen Athena: I'm Athena and I am King Triton's wife. All my life, I've been loving music that everybody loves to hear, isn't that right, dear husband?

King Triton: Yes, Athena, I might admit I had a hard time remembering you, but thanks to Ariel, I feel much better.

Aquata: I'm Aquata, one of Ariel's sisters, and I love my favorite stuffed toy, Mr. Fuzzyfinkle the Seahorse.

Andrina: I'm Andrina, another sister, and I've always wanted to try all the food from around the world.

Arista: I'm Arista and I'm the first mermaid to join the Catfish Club Band.

Attina: I'm Attina and I really love books.

Adella: I'm Adella and I feel so lucky I kissed a boy!

Alana: I'm Alana and I fancy cosmetics and jewelry for the appearance of beauty.

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