All Grown Up THE MOVIE is a feature film to the TV Series All Grown Up (2003-2007)


Tommy, Chuckie, Phillip, Lillian, Dilly, Kimi, Susie and Angelica are heading into High school. BUT things go bad when Scar Snout, Madame Coco Labouche, Jean Claude and Miss Carol seek revenge on Tommy, his friends, his family and their friends!


Daniel Lockhart as Thomas Pickles

Scott Lockhart as Dylan Prescott Pickles

Samuel Uljiee as Charles Finster JR

Airi Endo as Kimi Finster

Alex Gould as Phillip Deville

Felicity Hatcher as Lillian Deville

Brianna Croft as Susie Carmichael

Emma Hope Jones as Angelica Charlotte Pickles

Frank Welker as Scar Snout a Black Wolf who survived the fall and rapids in The Rugrats Movie

Susan Sarandon as Coco Labouche the kid hating former head of Euro Reptar. She tries to kill Tommy and his friends!

John Lithgow as Jean Claude The Secondary antagonist who escaped from jail

Vicki Lewis as Miss Carol. She wants revenge on Angelica Pickles!

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