Taking place after the second film's remake, which is 1949, the series features Charlie Barkin V and His friends' adventures.


  • Richard Armitage As Charlie Barkin
  • Danny Pino As Itchy Itchiford
  • Ginnifer Goodwin As Sasha Le Fluer
  • Shemar Moore As Carface
  • Tom Hanks As Killer
  • ???? As Annabelle
  • ???? As Tabasco
  • ???? As Praline
  • ???? As Celia


  1. When plush comes to shove - Charlie finds a plush toy in Yard, and everyone wants it!
  2. Cats out of control - Celia, Cat Heaven’s archangel, tasks Charlie and Itchy to aid Tabasco and Praline in their task to keep a gang of stray cats safe from a cruel bulldog.
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