This idea is if Disney buys the rights to Don Bluth’s All Dogs go to Heaven franchise. A 2D-animated movie to be directed by Don Bluth, And animated by Bluth’s students. Based on the Book by Beth Brown.


A tough, but well-meaning american wirehair Cat named Dante, after getting Killed by a police dog, returns from heaven on a great adventure as a Purebred Egyptian Mau cat in 1985 South Florida.


The story begins, in 1986 South Florida, where an American wirehair cat named Dante is resting well inside a dilapidated hotel, where He lives with His nine wives, all of them, Burmese, Korat, or Ragdoll, also living in the hotel, without being seen is Dante’s younger brother, Phobos, who fears Dante, who enjoys belittling and bullying his younger sibling, since Their parents died 3 months after Dante was born. Dante goes to participate in the palmtree climb, in the Florida keys. Soon, The competition heats up as 29 competitors, most of them disqualified due to cheating. Soon, just as Dante is declared the winner, a malicious police dog chases away the cats, except for Dante and a few others who put up a good fight, until Dante is cornered by two more Police dogs. Soon, as things looked hopeless, Dante is mauled mercilessly offscreen.

Dante then opens His eyes slowly and spots blue and green clouds around Him. Then, to His surprise, Dante notices that He is on His hind legs and spots a beautiful Khaomanee cat named Peitho, who offers Her paw, to Cat Heaven, also known as St. Vincent’s Cat Cemetary. Dante, knowing that the police dogs denied Him His future, decided to declare war on the dogs. Of course, Peitho, says that when a life is spent, it’s impossible for it to return to earth. but, Dante wasn’t deterred and tries to sneak back to Earth, but learning that whenever a kitten is ready to be born, a cat or two cats of certain breeds, plucks a tuft of fur, and places it in a cloud which turns into a kitten's soul. so, without any of the cats knowing, Dante grabs hold of Peitho and turns Their essences into tufts of fur and enter different clouds, turning into a souls of two kittens, and sent down to Earth, as Peitho screams in disbelief.

In a few days' time, Dante couldn't see because He’s reborn, and after 8 or 9 days, He opens His eyes and sees two Egyptian Mau Cats and three kittens. realizing He’s reborn as a Egyptian Mau Kitten, in New York City. Dante decided to enjoy His new life as a purebred as the parents Falcon and Ibis name Him and His three sisters, Boreas, Kareela, Eurus, and Zephyr. At that moment, Dante calls Himself, Boreas.

One year later, Falcon and Ibis have their younglings practice for the Central Park's Coming-of-Age race, which takes place on the last day of November at Midnight and only cats no younger than a year can participate. Boreas didn't like the concept of winning by speed instead of power, but after a lecture from Ibis, Boreas learned that the Race forbids fighting, disrupting another racer's progress, and using any means of transportation. and on the night of the race, the City's cats (a total of 57) start the race. halfway there, Boreas spots five dogs cornering four of the racers. Boreas, on impulse fights off one of the dogs and lures the other dogs away, allowing the four kittens to escape. Arriving first, was Zephyr as Boreas arrived in 8th place, but was disqualified for fighting (namely a dog, who intruded in the race track.) Falcon proceeds to punish Boreas for not following the rule, but the rescued kittens' parents stepped in, defending Boreas. the parent said that Boreas should not be disqualified for breaking one little rule. the head judge (after some convincing from the other judges) waives the disqualification.

In the year that passed, Boreas marries a white cat named Moonstone and is blessed with three kittens. but, Boreas missing His previous life. decides to have the family head South. after a great send-off, Boreas' Family travels South by truck, moving van, or train car. Arriving at Florida, Boreas heads to His old home, the run-down hotel, which wasn't as run-down as much, and filled to the brim with jukeboxes, Big-Screen Televisions, arcade machines, bags of cat food, and cooked pigeons when Boreas came in. Without being seen, He goes inside and enter Phobos' room, where He spots a diary. before He could get a chance to read it, He hides when Phobos comes in and says to His two henchcats to go to war with the Dogs of Florida. after Phobos left, Boreas read the diary's random entries and learned that Phobos intended to run away to escape His brother's Abusive behavior, and made a paper doll of His brother for all the evil things He did to Him and stick a claw in the doll for every time He was refused an apology. then on the penultimate entry, the diary said, "The moment My Unfit Brother said He would tear My tail off, He's to spend the rest of His life at an Animal Shelter." Just as Boreas decides to teach Phobos a lesson He saw another entry which said, "I haven't seen Dante in the Shelter, Either He died fighting off the dogs or He ran to who-knows-where, but worst of all, I'll never get My apology..." Soon, Boreas, after reading it and learning about all the pain and suffering He caused His brother, decides to talk Phobos out of fighting the dogs, which fell on deaf ears.

While Phobos was away, Boreas told the cats in the hotel that Phobos intends to declare war on the dogs, and the cats refused to listen and chase Boreas, all over the town. Boreas, knowing the cats won't listen, lures them to where Dante died, the Beach, where Phobos is ready to fight the dogs. as the war rages on, Boreas fights off three dogs with His speed to tire them out, as Boreas tells Phobos to run. Phobos again refused, and when Phobos was about to be killed by the lead dog, Boreas bites the dog's leg and lured away as many dogs as He could, and climbed a palmtree to escape the dogs. When the dogs take down the palmtree, the dogs mercilessly attack Boreas, and just as the lead Policedog was about to finish off Boreas, the cats of the City, led by Phobos attack the dogs, making them back off. Boreas apologizes to Phobos for all the bad things He did, but Phobos said that it doesn't mean anything if it's not Dante offering His apology. But, after a few moments, Phobos recognizes Dante's meowing song, and Phobos tearfully said "Thank You". Then in a ray of light, Boreas vanishes.

Dante (as a kitten) wakes up in the hotel, and wanders the hotel, and spots His parents (Alive and well) and Phobos (As a kitten) Dante runs off in a confused fervor, then Peitho, the Khaomanee Angel (Who was also Moonstone) said that because Dante went a few years in the past as Boreas, He changed some of the events of Dante's life, (Saving Dante's Father and Mother from being severely injured in the Central Park race, averting their eventual deaths, which in turn, made Dante more well behaved thanks to their parenting, and not as toxic to Phobos.) Dante shed tears at this revelation, and declares that He'll live life to His fullest and be more considerate in the future. with that, Peitho became a kitten and becomes Dante's girlfriend. Then, one day, During a nightly visit to the beach, Dante's family see Boreas' Birth Family. Then, Dante's Parents at His suggestion, approaches the Egyptian Mau family, and offers them a place to stay, which They accept

Trailer Transcript

Announcer - In the Past, You've heard that All Dogs go to Heaven, right? So, what about Cats? Well, Disney and Don Bluth Productions present an adventure unlike anything You've ever seen, "All Cats go to Heaven". This is Pyrite, a street-smart cat, who desired a bright future, when the world denied Him that luxury. and when His Ninth life was extinguished, by fate...

Pyrite - Where is this place?

Cat Angel - Welcome to Heaven. Now, that Your Ninth life is spent--

Pyrite - Ninth Life? I thought like all animals, I had one life.

Announcer - Of course, When He returns to the world of the living...

Male Voice - He's about to open His eyes.

Female Voice - Oh! Hi there.

Announcer - Well, see for Yourself.

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