All-New Shining Time Station is an all new upcoming American/British live action/CGI television series reboot sequel for the original Shining Time Station, beginning on January 2019.

Live Cast Members (reprising their parts, except for Dan, Ginny and Midge, who's actor and actresses passed away not too long ago)

  • Didi Conn as Stacy Jones (respective part in the series)
  • Brian O'Conner as Horace Schemer (respective part in the series)
  • Tom Jackson as Billy Twofeathers (respective part in the series)
  • Steve Martin as Barton Winslow (replacing the late Gerard Parkes respectively)
  • Michael Gambon as JB King (succeeding from Mart Hulswit respectively)
  • Pierce Brosnan as Mr. Conductor (replacing the late George Carlin respectively)
  • Jason Woliner as Matt Jones, Becky's husband and Felix and Olivia's father  (now 35 years old, taking over Stacy's desk right after her retirement and ever since Dan Jones' passing at the age of 28)
  • Danielle Marcot as Becky Jones, Matt's wife and Felix and Olivia's mother (now 33 years old, taking over Midge's place at the fortune telling house, right after her passing at the age of 72)
  • Erica Luttrell as Kara Cupper (now 35 years old, taking over Ginny's place at the farming business, right after her passing at the age of 69)

New young kids at Shining Time Station cast members

  • Owen Wilder as Felix Jones
  • Scarlett Estevez as Olivia Jones
  • Gavin Lewis as Jeffrey Lawson
  • Kylie Rogers as Janet Adamson
  • Connor Corum as Alex Albertson
  • Courtney Fansler as Chloe Hilbert
  • Lane Styles as Melanie Warner
  • Felix Avitia as Craig Johnson
  • Isaac Brown as Aiden Katzenberg

Voice cast members in All-New Thomas and Friends story segments

Trivia Notices

  • The Harry Potter movie cast member Emma Watson give her voice to Mavis in the show
  • Steve Guttenberg, Jeff Bridges, Crispin Glover, Brendan Fraser and Lacey Chabert team up to voice new railroad engine characters: Brian, Ethan, Eric, Sadie and Aaron.
  • The former Beatles rock band members and Thomas and Friends former narrator, Paul McCartney voices another new railroad engine character: Rodney, while Ringo Starr gives his voice to Gordon in the show.
  • John Cleese and Angela Lansbury give their voices to the Fat Controller and his wife in this show.
  • The Lord of the Rings movie actors, Sean Bean and Ian McKellen voice Harambe and Corey in this show.
  • The 3 Simpsons voice cast members, Harry Shearer, Tress MacNeille and Hank Azaria voice Thumper, Madge and Cranky in this show.
  • The Toy Story movie series voice cast members, Estelle Harris and Timothy Dalton voice Elizabeth and Harold in this show.
  • Michael J. Fox gives his voice to Thomas in this show.
  • The Inside Out series voice cast members, Amy Poehler, Bill Hader and Mindy Kaling voice Rosie, Percy and Emily's drivers in this show.
  • John Leguizamo replaces Tom Jackson respectively.
  • Adam Sandler gives his voice to Lucas in this show. 

Jukebox Band voice cast members

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