All-New Seven Little Monsters (7 Little Monsters) is to be an upcoming reboot of the original classic Seven Little Monsters, starring the voice talents from Joanne Vannicola, Colin Mochrie, Dwayne Hill, Sean Cullen, Michele Scarabelli, Debra McGrath, Tara Strong. It is to air on Nick Jr. on TBA.



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Voice Cast Members

  • Joanne Vannicola as One (voice)
  • Colin Mochrie as Two (voice)
  • Dwayne Hill as Three (voice)
  • Sean Cullen as Four (voice)
  • Sean Cullen as Five (voice)
  • Michele Scarabelli as Six (voice)
  • Sean Cullen as Seven (voice)
  • Debra McGrath as Mom (voice)
  • Tara Strong as Mary (voice)


Season 1 episodes

Season 2 episodes

Season 3 episodes

Season 4 episodes

Season 5 episodes

Season 6 episodes

Season 7 episodes

Season 8 episodes

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