All-New Clifford the Big Red Dog is to be an upcoming reboot of the original classic Clifford the Big Red Dog starring the voice talents from Jason Ritter, Cree Summer Francks, Kenan Thompson, Grey DeLisle Griffin, Cam Clarke, Kath Soucie, Carr Thompson, Haunani Minn, Kevin Michael Richardson, Khary Payton, Elizabeth Daily, Nick Jameson, Nika Futterman, Frank Welker, Earl Boen and Edie McClurg. Also starring the other voice talents from Sandy Fox, Andrea Libman, Tom Kenny, Julie Nathanson and Rob Paulsen. It's to premiere on PBS Kids 2.0 on January 3, 2020.

Voice Cast Members

  • Jason Ritter as Clifford (voice, succeeding from his father, the late John Ritter respectively)
  • Cree Summer as Cleo and Gladys Diller (voices)
  • Kenan Thompson as T-Bone (voice, succeeding from Kel Mitchell respectively)
  • Grey DeLisle as Emily Elizabeth Howard, Caroline Howard and Debbie Carrington (voice)
  • Cam Clarke as Mac (voice)
  • Kath Soucie as Jetta Handover and Nancy Handover (voices)
  • Carr Thompson as Charley Anderson (voice)
  • Haunani Minn as Dr. Janice Dihn (voice)
  • Mark Hamill as Oscar (voice)
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Samuel Anderson (voice)
  • Khary Payton as Postman Carson (voice)
  • Elizabeth E.G. Daily as Cousin Laura (voice)
  • Nick Jameson as Sheriff Lewis (voice)
  • Nika Futterman as Vaz Marquez (voice)
  • Frank Welker as Manny, Gordo, Boomer and Rex (voices)
  • Earl Boen as Horace Bleakman (voice)
  • Edie McClurg as Violet Bleakman (voice)

Other Voice Cast Members

  • Sandy Fox as Andre Robertson (voice)
  • Jessica DiCicco as Francesca Robertson (voice)
  • Tom Kenny as Jeff Robertson (voice)
  • Julie Nathanson as Janet Robertson (voice)
  • Rob Paulsen as Terrence (voice and puppy dog sound effects)


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