All-New Bear in the Big Blue House is to be an upcoming reboot of the original classic Bear in the Big Blue House starring the voice performing talents from Noel MacNeal, Vicki Eibner, Peter Linz, Tyler Bunch, Jim Kroupa, Tara Mooney, Eric Jacobson, Whoopi Goldberg, Victor Yerrid, Carmen Osbahr, Anney McKilligan, Raymond Carr (succeeding from the late Geoffrey Rush respectively), Gilbert Gottfried, Brad Garrett, Karen Prell, Stephanie D'abruzzo, Dave Goelz and Carol Dennis (succeeding from the late Lynne Thigpen respectively). It's to premiere on Disney Junior on January 4, 2019.

Voice Performers

  • Noel MacNeal as Bear and Moss (voices)
  • Vicki Eibner as Ojo, Grandma Flutter, Etta, Annette, Keisha, Lois and Ms. Vanderpeen (voices)
  • Peter Linz as Tutter, Pip, Jacques and Big Old Bullfrog (voices)
  • Tyler Bunch as Treelo, Pop, Doc Hogg, Rocko, Luke and the WCHA-WCHA Announcer (voices)
  • Jim Kroupa as Jeremiah, Benny, Otto and Ferret Jeeter (voices)
  • Tara Mooney as Shadow (voice)
  • Eric Jacobson as Harry (voice)
  • Whoopi Goldberg as Edwina (voice)
  • Victor Yerrid as Whiner (voice)
  • Carmen Osbahr as Ursa (voice)
  • Anney McKilligan as Rita Mouse (voice)
  • Raymond Carr as Ray (voice, succeeding from the late Geoffrey Rush respectively)
  • Gilbert Gottfried as Big Possum (voice)
  • Brad Garrett as Little Possum (voice)
  • Karen Prell as Alexis (voice)
  • Stephanie D'abruzzo as Hallie (voice)
  • Dave Goelz as Jack the Dog (voice)
  • Carol Dennis as Luna (voice, succeeding from the late Lynne Thigpen respectively)


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