Alien Girl is an upcoming American computer-animated science-fiction dramedy series created and developed by Cosmic Unimotions aired in the winter of 2025 on Nickelodeon.


The story follows Zhora, a twelve-year-old alien girl who lives on the planet called Phion 8G, a planet with the humanoid-like alien people are the Ghanzids. On a day when she was a young child, both of her parents were killed in a fire incident and she was raised by her aunt and uncle. She heads on to adventures on her own with her dog-like pet Vrotan, Vulvu, and practices the powers of her psychic and elemental moves.


Main Cast

Major Cast

  • TBA as Uncle Altair
  • TBA as Aunt Ellipse
  • TBA as Chromy
  • Xander Mobus as Spectro
  • TBA


  • The show and story is referenced to the Earthbound series and Mother 3.
  • TBA
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