Alice is a curious imaginative girl who follows the white rabbit and falls down the hole and goes in wonderland and discovers talking flowers and animals. Even cats can smile and having an Unbirthday Party with the Mad Hatter, and painting the roses red before the angry queen shows up.


Demi Lovato as Alice (voice)

Matthew McConaughey as The Mad Hatter (voice)

Nathan Lane as The Cheshire Cat (voice)

Alec Baldwin as The Caterpillar (voice)

Reese Witherspoon as The Queen Of Hearts (voice)

Seth MacFarlane as The March Hare (voice)

Miley Cyrus as Mary, Alice's Old Sister (voice)

John Cleese as The White Rabbit (voice)

Albert Brooks as Dodo (voice)

Kevin James as The Walrus (voice)

Adam Sandler as The Carpenter (voice)

Taron Egerton as Bill (voice)

Steve Carell as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (voice)

Hugh Jackman as The Cards (voice)

Oprah Winfrey as The Rose (voice)

Judi Dench as The Orchid and The Bird (voice)



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