Alf is an American animated sitcom based on 1986 sitcom of the same name, being created by Paul Fusco. It is produced by Alien Productions, Warner Bros. Animation and Williams Street and airs on Adult Swim since April TBDth, 2020.


An alien named Alf has arrived to Earth and decides to live with the Tanner family.



  • Alf (voiced by Paul Fusco) - a comedic alien from another world who lives with the Tanners.
  • Willie Tanner (voiced by Steven Weber) - the father of the Tanner family who sometimes gets annoyed by Alf's antics.
  • Kate Tanner (voiced by Linda Cardellini) - the mother of the Tanner family who is TBD.
  • Lynn Tanner (voiced by Sabrina Carpenter) - TBD
  • Brian Tanner (voiced by Finn Wolfhard) - TBD
  • Lucky (vocal effects by Dee Bradley Baker) - the Tanners' pet cat who Alf always tries to eat.


  • Mr. Anderson (voiced by Mark Hamill) - Lynn's science teacher that Alf believes is a cult leader.
  • Walter Burke (voiced by Clancy Brown) - Willie's boss at the Social Services Department of Los Angeles County.


  • Detective Ivan Zane (voiced by Rainn Wilson) - a paranoid FBI agent out to reveal Alf is an alien.
  • Tony (voiced by Jim Rash) - a crazy alien from Alf's home planet.


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  • The series is considered one of Adult Swim's lightest animated series.
  • Like several adult shows, part of its voice cast is composed by celebrity voices.
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