Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Abrunian
Age 9
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Occupation Protector of the Universe
Homeworld Abruna
Residence Abruna (formerly)

Earth (currently)

Friends Lara Berry

Adapt Boy

Thunder Kid

Princess Sorceryia

Enemies Dr. Skull
Parents Cyana (mother)

Dark Moth (father)

Siblings Cassie (sister)
Pet(s) Space Moth
Production Information

Alex Figlake is an Abrunian child from the planet, Abruna and the main protagonist of Alpha Kids. He is the youngest member of the Alpha Kids.


Alex is largely optimistic, innocent and has a cheerful and positive attitude. He cares for his friends and family. Alex is known to be cranky if he is disturb from his nap or sleep. Most of the time, Alex is very clusmy, has a lack of intelligence and a strange obsession with moths.


Alex has an appetite for anything to eat. 


Alex is unable to speak like humans and can only communicate in his people's native language or through an intergalactic translator. Also, Alex is known to be a terrible singer when he's holds a microphone as his singing voice can create soundwaves strong enough to be heard throughout a whole planet or the entire universe, causing pain to anyone's ears.

In season 2 and 3, Alex starts to speak in English, talking in the 3rd person.


Alex is a member of the Abrunians, a race of beings with expectional powers that can alter reality and various other abilities.


Early Life

Alex was born on his home planet, Abruna to Cyana, an Abrunian scientist and Dark Moth, an Abrunian with god-like powers. At somepoint at the age of 5, Alex was forced to move to Earth along with his mother and older sister, Cassie when his father was imprisoned in another dimension. 


Alex meets and becomes friends with Lara BerryAdapt Boy, Thunder Kid, and Princess Sorceryia.

Powers and Abilities

  • Abrunian Physiology
    • Flight
    • Camouflage
    • Enhanced Condition
      • Enhanced Strength
      • Enhanced Speed
      • Enhanced Breath
  • Vacuum Manipulation
    • Vacuum Breath
    • Vacuum Attacks
  • Multiple Forms
  • Elemental Absorption 
    • Absorption Replication
  • Power Immunity
    • Power Absorption Immunity
    • Acid Immunity
    • Magic Immunity
      • Spell Immunity
  • Power Replication
    • Magic Replication
    • Property Replication
    • Mimicry Form
  • Energy Attacks
  • Art Manipulation
    • Artistic Creation
  • Paint Manipulation
    • Paint Constructs
  • Molecular Manipulation
  • Elemental Manipulation
    • Earth Manipulation
      • Earth Attacks
        • Geokinetic Creature Creation
    • Water Manipulation 
    • Fire Manipulation 
    • Air Manipulation
  • Plant Manipulation
    • Seed Manipulation
      • Chlorokinetic Constructs
  • Reality Warping
  • Sound Wave Generation
  • Entity Creation
  • Enhanced Condition
    • Enhanced Strength
    • Enhanced Durability
  • Technomagic
  • Heat Vision
  • Dimensional Manipulation
    • Portal Creation
  • Wing Manipulation
    • Steel Mimicy
  • Cocoon Generation



  • Cocoon Gun
  • Universal Translator
  • Moth Scepter
  • Moth Pheromone Blaster
  • Moth Armor 


  • Alex's wings change color when he reacts to emotions.
    • Yellow = happy
    • Red = angry
    • Blue = sadness
    • Pink = love
    • Green = confused
  • Alex has more powers than anyone of his kind.
  • Alex can absorb energy through his wings.
  • Alex is similar to the Nintendo videogame character, Kirby.
  • Alex has appeared in most episodes then any character in the show.
    • Since then, Alex is confirmed to be the true main character of the show.
  • Alex is the most powerful member of the Alpha Kids. 
  • Alex cries like a cat when he's sad.
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