Teaser Trailer

  • Albert: Ummm... How we may think?
  • Albert's Father: Maybe not!
  • Albert: Fine.
  • Albert's Mother: OK. Maybe we can...
  • Albert's Father: (grunts)
  • Albert: OK.

Trailer #1 (only)

  • [Albert's Peoples Screming]
  • Albert: UH-Oh!
  • [There back...]
  • Albert's Father: RUN!!!
  • Albert: What?!
  • Albert's Father: I said run!!!!!!!
  • Evil Albert: No! We rule the world!
  • [On the lose...]
  • Albert: Quick!
  • [The camera zooms in a mall quickly then stops]
  • Albert: What? Me??
  • Evil Albert: Maybe not!!!!
  • [Albert Einstein's Adventure]
  • [Credits Shows Up]

TV Spot #1

  • [Thanksgiving at Albert World]
  • Albert: OK, so what are were having for thanksgiving?
  • Albert's Father: I dunno.
  • TBA
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