Blanket Pull Alarm Clock

Underneath the bed, there's a motor that is connected to an alarm clock. When the alarm goes off, then it turns on the little electric motor, and it's connected to strings that are connected to the end corner of all the blankets on the bed. The motor pulls on the strings which pulls off all the blankets on the bed. Now the person has to sleep with no covers on their bed.

Chore Alarm Clock

An Alarm clock that wakes you up with a chore to perform. It does not turn off until the chore has been done. This keeps your house clean and get's you up. It could also be connected to your shower and so the alarm wont turn off untill you turn your shower on, with the hopes of the sleeper getting in and taking a shower.

No Snooze Button Alarm Clock

An alarm clock with out a snooze button or volume button, it's always on very loud. it just turns off in one hour.

WiFi Enabled Clock

[Alarm Clocks] can be [wifi] enabled so it can start reading e-mails when a person wakes up. The reading of the [e-mails] can continue to be read in the shower.

This could also be implemented as a software alarm clock that reads out emails, resulting in there being no need for any extra physical product. A problem with this is that you would have to leave your computer on overnight, wasting energy.

Smart Clock

By having a smart alarm clock, everytime the user hit's the snooze button, the clock can predict what might happen, based on the schedule programed into the clock. For Example: by hitting the snooze a second time the clock would say "By sleeping in you will have to take a 10 min shower and will have 15 more minutes of traffic on the road". Or it might say: "By hitting the snooze for the 14th time you will be 25 minutes late for work and may be fired".