Aladdin: Genie's Story (previously known as Aladdin 4) is an American animated comedy musical romantic fantasy adventure direct-to-video film released in 2002. It is the prequel to the Disney animation feature from 1992's Aladdin. The film follows Genie's story (after Aladdin had freed him) and gets a chance to see around the world while making new friends. This prequel stars the voices of Jim Meskimen as the Genie and Robby Benson (guest star from Beauty and the Beast) as the film's new villain.

"It is preceded by: The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea and Cinderella II: Dreams Come True".


After Aladdin uses his third wish to free an eccentric, fun-loving Genie, wins Jasmine's heart and before the final battle in "The Return of Jafar", come join with your favorite big blue friend; the Genie (Jim Meskimen) as he flies through the sky into around the world as he traveled and meets his new friends with their other genie friends before returning back home to Agrabah.

Plot (Story)

The film starts with a scene (from the original 1992's film) of Aladdin defeating Jafar (as a genie) and Iago as they has been dragged in a lamp, winning Jasmine's heart and uses his third wish to set the Genie free. Genie then flies away to see the world. Aladdin and Jasmine share another kiss and fly off with Carpet near the moon, which it reflects fades into a bright sun and as the opening title writes during the beginning of the movie.


  1. The Narrator
  2. Aladdin (cameo)
  3. Abu (cameo)
  4. Princess Jasmine (cameo)
  5. Rajah (cameo)
  6. The Sultan (cameo)
  7. Jafar (cameo)
  8. Iago (cameo)
  9. Genie

Voice Casts

  • Jim Cummings as The Narrator
  • Jim Meskimen as Genie


  1. "I'm Free At Last!" -sung by Jim Meskimen
  2. "Crazy" -sung by Robin Williams feat. KCI and JoJo
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