Akuma Meka is a Japanese-American action-science fiction video game series, being developed by Kojima Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment since November TBDth, 2017.


Set in a world where technology and supernatural are together, one person merged with a powerful mecha known as the Akuma Meka in order to deal with more dangerous threats and to uncover secrets of her world.


  1. Akuma Meka (2017)
  2. TBD (2019)



  • Ai Jones (voiced by Stephanie Sheh) - a Japanese-American test pilot for mechas who is chosen to pilot the Akuma Meka and protects New Japan.
  • Akuma Meka (non-speaking) - a powerful machine which Ai pilots and controls.


  • Maxwell Yoshida (voiced by Andrew Kishino) - the CEO of Yoshida Industries who is known for inventing numerous machines, including the Akuma Meka.
  • [lover, male, Caucasian] (voiced by Scott Porter) - TBD
  • [sibling, female] (voiced by Janice Kawaye) - TBD


  • The Children of Anarchy, consisting of:
    • Mia F. Warrens (voiced by Mae Whitman) - the leader of the extremist group called the Children of Anarchu who believes that chaos caused by technology will fix the world. She ends up piloting the Oni Meka.
    • Ryan Collins (voiced by TBD) - a slightly sadistic member of the Children of Anarchy who pilots the Okami Meka.
    • Skull Mask (voiced by Dave Boat) - a muscular member of the Children of Anarchy who wields an energy-based mace.
    • Jameson Miles (voiced by Khary Payton) - TBD


  • The series mixes Japanese culture alongside American customs as well. As a result, some of the characters are Japanese while others are American.
  • Mekas are suits that grant the users unique abilities.
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