"Waking up in the depths of the Earth, the malicious chief of the Akuma tribe, Aku woke up after a sleep of 4.5 billion years, he is ready to steal all human food in order to increase his powers and to make his minions much more powerful and his only goal is to extend his power across the entire Universe, but the Crism Breaks may be stopped to intervene in his plan of universal conquest."
―Aku's trophy description in Hasbroverse.

Aku is the overarching antagonist of the Crism Break videogame franchise. He serves as the main antagonist of the rebooted videogame Crism Break's Returns, the sequel and final videogame of the franchise, while Dymeros is the overall main antagonist of the Crism Break videogame franchise. He is the oppressive and greedy chief of the Akuma Tribe, a demon tribe asleep in an eternal sleep of 4.5 billion years ago and he is also Madfang Ragewolf, Erylia Naughtyfins, Standoffish Sonarchy, RottenLee Ravenous, Gluttonous Buzzcrave, Slow-moving Slogturtle and Miss Covet-Hiss's master and creator.


Aku is the tyrannical, greedy, destructive and contemptuous chief of the Akuma Tribe, and he has stronger powers than those of his demons underlings. He is also shown to be calculating and oppressive, so he tries to harvest all of the bananas from around the Earth and use them give life to his demons underlings.


Although he is a demon, Aku is very tall, he does not have a leg, but his black skin is made of tree infected with his toxic liquid, he has only four clawed fingers on his two hands (five fingers only when he has the Gauntlets of the Seven Deadly Sins), he has four very large horns on his head and four small horns on his neck, he has a green face with red lips decorated with hooked white teeth, a white nose with two nostrils red, a red goatee and he has two flames on his two black and white eyes, depending on his appearance, he often changes shape.




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