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Ako Shirabe (Alley in Glitter Band) is a main character in Suite Pretty Cure.


Ako has short orange hair with two loose curled strands and matching orange eyes worn behind square-shaped glasses. Her attire consists of soft pink shirt with long sleeves beneath a denim, short-style jumper with hot pink buttons going down the center. She also wore a necklace and short, hot pink socks with white and blue shoes. During summer she switches her top for a short-sleeved variant.

As the Masked form of Cure Muse she appears to be much older and taller than she really is and wears a costume consisting of a black jumpsuit with a furry collar attached to a black and pink cape held with her Cure Module. Along with black thigh-length boots and gloves. On her head is a black and pink mask with a heart in the center. She has magenta eyes in this form.

In her true form of Cure Muse, Ako appears to be her real age. Her brighter hair grows longer and curls inward, splitting in the center to form two separate parts. Her bangs remain short, while her forelocks spread. Worn in her hair are two long yellow ribbons and a pink gem heart on a white curled head piece. Her earrings are pink and yellow. Her cute outfits consists of a pale yellow top with yellow and gold trim with a bright yellow shawl worn over the shoulders lined with a ruffled trim. Her bow rests beneath it with her Cure Module in the center. At her waist are two tutu layers of material, over her puffy yellow pumpkin skirt lined with ruffled trim. Two long yellow ribbons hang from the back of her skirt, and she gains yellow and white boots with gold sole and bows with a pink gem hearts.


When she first appeared, she was cold and disrespectful to her elders (Hibiki and Kanade) and very mature for her age. But behind all that coldness, she is a sweet, loving and caring girl and sometimes likes to have a little fun and loves singing.

She loves her parents, but hates it when fight and wishes them to stop and took the choice of doing it herself. She loves her father very dearly and even transformed into a Pretty Cure for him. But, when he does awkward and gushy things she tends to get flustered.

There are hints that she might like Souta as he is her only friend before she became friends with the Pretty Cures. She is often shown with him.


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