Aimée Durand is the main protagonist in Glimpse. She is a girl who follows her dreams during adventure.


Aimée lives with her mother since her father has gone on a holiday. She was born on November 1, 1908, at Rue Claude Bernard. Amitee is coming back from her job at the

Physical Appearances

Aimée has brown hair, wears a white dress with red stripe, radical red sweater, yellow knee socks, and black Mary Jane shoes. When she is at the party, she wears a gold bow, gold dress, light yellow gloves, and gold slippers.


Aimée is joyful, outgoing, helpful, happy-go-lucky, smart, and stubborn. Due to someone is in a danger, she is shown

Events of Glimpse 

Aimée was skipping around the room to her bedroom after her mother telling her to go to bed. She jumps onto her bed and grabs the picture of her father. Aimée kisses the picture and


  • Aimée is based on Didi Knight from Contrast, June Bailey from Wonder Park,
  • She is shown to be a singer and dancer.
  • Aimée is similar to Didi Knight from Contrast
    • They both have imaginary friends (Dawn and Kitty).
    • They both missed their fathers (Johnny and John).
    • They both have their mothers who are the singers.
  • She is shown to give Floria some flowers after telling about her mother
  • Aimée is shown to play with Nigel Jones at the Jones house.
  • Despite being a twelve-year-old girl, Aimée is shown to fight the enemies include the gangsters.
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