Aika Sawaizumi
Aika Sawaizumi Gacha Club.png
Guardian Strike Blue Ranger
Gender: Female
Season(s): Power Rangers Guardian Strike
Colors: Blue
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Guardian Strike Blue Ranger

Aika Sawaizumi is the Guardian Strike Blue Ranger of the Guardian Strike Rangers.


Aika is the person who will do anything to help if she sees anything wrong. She is sporty, being the school aquatics association's MVP, and smart as well, especially when it comes to science.

Guardian Strike Blue Ranger



  • Guardian Strike Morpher
  • Element Seals
    • Water Element Seal


  • Shark Cutters


  • Shark GuardianZord


  • Aika's weapons, the Shark Cutters, are a pair of tonfas akin to the Blue Shark Fighting Fins from Power Rangers Wild Force.
  • Aika in Gacha Club as a placeholder.
  • Coincidentally, both of Chiyu's counterparts (she and Ari Song) share initials.

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