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The Ahuizotl is are minor antagonist in Your Big Dinosaur episode "The Forest Creature".


Season three

He was first seen standing over a piece of steak owned by Barney and eating a tree bark. He is about to eat the steak, but he follows it to the river and got lured by Barugon and Gyaos by using a fishing pole. Ahuizotl then scares Barugon and Gyaos back to camp and has them trapped in their car while Barney and Titanosaurus escapes in their RV. He then pulls off pieces of the camera, and then throws the car keys away when Barugon and Gyaos notice that he has them.

He then makes an act on sock puppets and runs back. When he looks at Barugon trying to get a can of alphabet soup on the front of their car, he comes back to Barugon and Gyaos, but he got hit. However, a set of headphones landed into his ears and listens to the song "Stayin' Alive" by The Bee Gees and he enjoys listening to it.


  • The Ahuizotl has voice is Frank Welker.