Cynthia Madoka and Cure Ace
Aguri Madoka (Felicity McFarlane in the Fanon Glitter Force Doki Doki and Natalie in the canon Glitter Force Doki Doki) is one of the main characters in Doki Doki Pretty Cure.


Aguri is the shortest pretty cure in the group. She has maroon eyes and long brown hair with forelocks ending at the bottom of her ears and her bangs held back on top of her head in a tiny ponytail. With her bangs loose, she is noted to resemble Regina. She wears a red and white dress with flats of red and white, worn with short white socks. During winter she switches to a magenta long-sleeved dress with white ruffles and a black ribbon at the neck, along with an undershirt, black layered skirt, and burgundy boots.

As Cure Ace she grows several feet and appears to be about seventeen. Her eyes turn bright magenta while her hair is light red and worn in thick curled drills. Her bangs are short and brushed to the side, while her long curly forelocks reach mid-torso. She wears a white and gold ribbon attached to a headband, red earrings, and gains lipstick and eye shadow. She wears a flowing white outfit lined in red with pale pink coloring on the inside, matching the bow sewn to the back of the torso and sleeve cuffs. Her dress is shaped to reveal a shorter maroon and black dress over a white flowery petticoat. On each wrist is a white feathery wristlet attached to a red strap, while she gains white and red boots with pointed toe and heel. She also wears a gold necklace to match the gold heart emblem on her chest.


Aguri is calm and wise beyond her young years. She tends to tell rules to people, and is also strict, reaching the point where her comments can be hurtful.

Magical powers

  • Glitter Cure, Dressup!
  • Ace Shot


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