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Agent Risk is a sci-fi spy franchise that started back in 1970.


Bronze Age(1970-1979)

13 years ago, the Cuban Missile Crisis has gone hot/cold and launches a full-fledged conflict. As a result, several countries(Afghanistan, Poland and Romania) have been annexed by the Soviet Union, while Austria has been partitioned to West(part of NATO) and East(part of Warsaw Pact). Now the year is 1975, and an evil organisation known as Crimson Moon controls the eastern bloc with an iron fist. however, a spy foundation known as Risk Corps sent their top agent Ed Reed to take down Crimson Moon.

Silver Age(1980-1989)

The year is 1982, and Crimson Moon has only gotten more powerful that before.

Dark Age(1990-1999)

6 years ago, Agent Reed has taken down Crimson Moon for good, and since then the world has finally known peace. However, that was nothing more than a mere illusion, as from the fall of Crimson Moon, an evil guerrila cult called The Messiahs has risen its head and terrorized the middle east. Now the year 1993, and Agent Reed is called back to the battlefield.

Golden Age(2000-2009)

The year is 2004, and The Messiahs have only gained more influence than ever on the world stage.

Stone Age(2010-2019)

4 years ago, Agent Reed has managed to severely weaken The Messiahs. but know another threat looms over. They call themselves The Caped Brigade.


  • Edmond "Ed" Reed - the main protagonist of the series.
  • Ivan Brushov - a soviet immigrant who's past is connected to Crimson Moon.
  • Marwan Kharim - an egyptian bodyguard officer who is suspicious of the several activities of The Messiahs and ask Risk Corps to help his investigation.
  • Samuel "Sam" Reed - the son of Ed Reed.
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