File:AgentPKartAdventure.PNG Agent P's Kartania Adventure is a double length episode of Kart Krash. In airdate order, it is the season finale, but not in production order.


AgentP Agent P must team up with Candace, Brady, Runo, Chase, and Shena to defeat Doofensmirchtz after he steals everyone's karts.


Running Gags

Hey, Where's Perry

Gunther: Hey, uh where's Perez Hilton?

Perry's Entrance

Along with Vanessa, Candace, Brady, Runo, Shena, and Chase, Perry takes several tubes to his lair.

Evil Jingle

Doofensmirchtz Evil Incorporated!


  • The whole cast of Shake It Up finally reunite.
  • This is the season finale in airdate order.
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