Agent Foxy and Pounce the Cat
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Created by

Julianne Reilly

Voices of

Mae Whitman
Eric Bauza

Country of

United States



No. of seasons




Julianne Reilly
For Cartoon Network Studios:
Brian A. Miller
Jennifer Pelphrey
For Cartoon Network:
Robert Sorcher

Running time

11 minutes


Cartoon Network Studios


Warner Bros. Television Distribution



Cartoon Network

Original release

November 13th, 2008 - July 17th, 2014

Agent Foxy and Pounce the Cat is an American animated action-spy-comedy television series, being created by Julianne Reilly. It was produced by Cartoon Network Studios and it aired on Cartoon Network from November 13th, 2008 until July 17th, 2014.


The series follows famous spy Agent Foxy and her partner Pounce the Cat as they deal with evil menaces and other foes.



  • Agent Foxy (voiced by Mae Whitman) - a clutzy secret agent who despite her skills, isn't that bright and often gets into trouble though she usually also gets out of trouble.
  • Pounce the Cat (voiced by Eric Bauza) - Foxy's intelligent shapeshifting partner who loves to help her, being the brains of the duo.


  • Major Mooch (voiced by Corey Burton) - a coyote who is the angry head of the Organization of Good who mentors Foxy and Pounce and sometimes gets angry at Foxy due to her stupidity.
  • Kyle P. Woodpecker (voiced by Dana Snyder) - a woodpecker and the Organization of Good's brainiac head scientist who provides technology to Foxy.
  • Chef Rover (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) - a perfectionist Italian-accented wiener dog who is also a chef who Foxy usually talks to, being one of the only people who can deal with Foxy.
  • Bounce the Cat (voiced by TBD) - Pounce's sister who is extremely happy and giddy.
  • Furball the Dog (voiced by TBD) - a Scottish terrier who is an Organization of Good member and is skilled at golf-themed gadgets.
  • Rock (voiced by TBD) - an Armadillo agent who is sometimes forced to work with Foxy and Pounce.
  • Duncey (voiced by TBD) - a goofy bat who has been in trouble for a while.


  • Peppy Lion (voiced by Dwight Schultz) - a mad scientist who often tries to conquer the word, but often fails due to Foxy and Pounce's efforts or due to his own incompetence.
    • Jaguar (voiced by Rob Paulsen) - a German-accented jaguar who aids Peppy in his plans, being often abused by him when his plans fail.
    • Claude (voiced by Dante Basco) - Peppy's cynical nephew who is working for him and is an on and off love interest of Foxy.
    • Bully (voiced by [Jamacain sounding]) - a tiger mercenary who works for Peppy as he is more trusted than Jaguar or Claude.
  • Cavity Hippo (voiced by John DiMaggio) - a sweet-loving hippo who attempts to gain all of the sweets for only himself.
  • Iron Walrus (voiced by Steven Blum) - a short-tempered walrus in a robotic suit who aims to destroy anything and everything he sees.
  • Salt and Pepper (voiced by Kath Soucie and Jessica DiCicco, respectively) - two mischievous twin female mice who love to cause chaos and steal food.
  • Collie Dogheart (voiced by Andrea Baker) - a more competent agent who is revealed to be a double agent working for a far more sinister organization.
  • Fiona Line (voiced by Lacey Chabert) - a hypnotic cat who can use her seductive nature to hypnotize her victims.
  • Prof. Julio Ocelot (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) - a Hispanic mad scientist ocelot who usually invents mad inventions.
  • Mama Lion (voiced by Tress MacNeille) - Peppy's grouchy mother who appears to yell at Peppy a lot.
  • Mr. S (voiced by Tom Kane) - a mysterious snake who often tries to take over the world.
  • Slash Rhino (also voiced by John DiMaggio) - a knight-like rhino who uses his sword to attack several things he considers to be "dark magic".
  • Rathack (also voiced by Rob Paulsen) - an evil rat who can enter machines and turn them against their own users.
  • Randal Raccoon (voiced by [jokey/mischevious]) - a mischievous raccoon who vows to steal the most expensive things he can find.
  • Bonnie Bear (voiced by TBD) - a bear opera singer whose musical voice can destroy glass.
  • Camo (voiced by TBD) - a chameleon who can shapeshift into anyone.
  • Crunch O. Dile (voiced by [Ozzie Osborne-like]) - a crocodile rock star who has been using his music to control audiences.
  • Wise and Dumbe (voiced by TBD) - TBD


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  • Many CN fans often consider this the last classic CN show.
    • However, some CN fans argue that the original Ben 10 series was the last classic CN show, since its latest installment, Ben 10: Omniverse, ended in November 14th, 2014, around 4 months after this previous show ended.
    • Cartoon Network Studios:
      • 2008-2010: the custom animation is Agent Foxy and Pounce the Cat looking at a question mark.
      • 2010-2013: the fourth square shows Foxy trying to get out of a trap while TBD.
      • 2013-2014: [using the video clip of the 2010 logo like AT and RS]
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