Jake is a young man from Alaska trying to make some stories and become a famous writer, but when he discover at the mountain where some humans live, those humans are actually from here and from the Ice Age. So Jake needs to find out with his girlfriend, Sarah, what those Ice Age people are doing in the Mountain.


Nick Jonas as Jake, a young man and a writer from Alaska.

Jeremy Shada as Kitu, a boy from the Ice Age mountain.

Demi Lovato as Sarah, a girl from Alaska and Jake's girlfriend.

Eddie Izzard as Professor Griff, a scientist from Alaska.

Alden Ehrenreich as Muuaji, a mean man from the Ice Age.

Timothy Dalton as Finnick, a mean scientist from Alaska.

David Koechner as Rick, a pilot and mailman from Alaska.

Josh Brolin as Moyo, the leader of the humans from the Ice Age.

Cate Blanchett as Doctor Samantha, a scientist from Alaska.

Jake T. Austin as Sam, a student and Sarah's younger brother.

Additional Voices

Melissa Strum

Tara Strong

Jeff Bennett

Frank Welker

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