African Life is an upcoming animation, comedy, adventure, fantasy and it distributed by Universal Pictures and Illumination Productions and it is directed by Garth Jennings. It will be released on June 20, 2019.


Isabel, a teenage meerkat is tired being life in the meerkat colony by her parents and her sister, Blythe who looks up to her and along with her uncle, Martin who takes her and Blythe on the journey to have a better life. As they go on the journey, they met a brave lion named Tom, an adventurous boy meerkat named Lancer, a warthog named Junior and a snake named Gene who come to help them to find a better life. As they journey to have a better life, a evil hunter named Hunter who plans to capture the meerkats and the animals. Will Isabel, Blythe, Martin, Tom, Lancer, Junior and Gene team up to stop the evil hunter and to save her family and the rest of Africa?


Hilary Duff as Isabel the Teenage Meerkat Cousin

Demi Lovato as Blythe Isabel's Aunt

Nathan Lane as Martin Isabel's Uncle

Justin Timberlake as Lancer Isabel's Cousin

Will Arnett as Junior the Warthog

George Lopez as Gene the snake

Nicholas Cage as Hunter

Colin Farrell as Will the Rhino

Jodie Foster as Giselle the Antelope

James Corden as Socrates the Gazelle




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