A teenage girl named Blythe, is an orphaned girl who is desperate to survive in the jungle with her sister, Lucky. Along the way she meets an adventurous meerkat named Justin, a brave lion named Koda, a warthog named Harry a hornbill named Bill a black rhino named Horns a honey badger named Kyle an aardvark named Steve a hippo named Paul an evil crocodile with scar named Louis a giraffe named Leslie a pangolin named Kyle


Hilary Duff as Blythe the orphaned Girl With pants and long sleeves

Nathan Lane as Justin the Meerkat

Haylie Duff as Lucky the sister of Blythe

Matthew Broderick as Koda the Lion

Hugh Jackman as Harry the Warthog

David Spade as Bill the Hornbill

Tom Kenny as Horns the Black Rhino


  1. Opps - TBA
  2. The 5th of July - Owl City



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