an adventure begins when a sailor from Minnesota gets stuck in the Bermuda Triangle and into world of Dran, and must find the Star Rings of the Great Kings before Emperor Croven uses them to control the ways out of Dran and into our solar system trying to control our ways of life.


Pierce's Crew (The Paladins)

  • Graham Pierce (Roger Craig Smith) - Captain of the Questing Beast, and former Sailor of the Iran Regime, he is the father of Aiden, Tommy, and Jade. He is married to Captain Irene Moonstone of the Questing Beast. He is the expert marine fighter, and survivalist which helps him handle the harsh environment of Dran.
  • Irene Pierce/ Moonstone (Coleen O'Shuganessy) - Co captain of the Questing Beast, mother of Aiden, Tommy, and Jade she is actually a super soldier from Hungary. She often checks her piercings for infections when she changes them when she was with Graham in the Regime, when she and her husband were forced into the ways of Dran, such as always barring her midriff with her daughter throughout Dran, to help tell the difference between male and female.
  • Brah (Dee Bradley Baker) - a lizardman who helps Graham from tight situations, and often tells stories about Dran's past before Croven's rule.
  • Dr. Boris Tricolf (Christopher Corey Smith) - a mysterious scientist who gives Graham clues around every planet in the system of Dran.

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