Adventures in a Different Dimension
Television show information


Surreal comedy

Based on

Me and a Different Dimension by Daniel Wright

Developed by

Daniel Wright

Voices of

Hynden Walch
Dee Bradley Baker

Country of

United States





Daniel Wright
For Warner Bros. Animation:
Sam Register

Running time

22 min. (approx.)


Warner Bros. Animation


Warner Bros. Television Distribution



Cartoon Network
WB Kids

Original release

January 2nd, 2021-present

Adventures in a Different Dimension is an American animated surreal comedy television series based on Daniel Wright's Me and a Different Dimension. It is produced by Warner Bros. Animation and has aired on WB Kids and Cartoon Network since January 2nd, 2021.


Rachael Davidson and Bulk continue their adventures in the different dimension and get into weird situations there while Rachael also deals with stuff at school.



  • Rachael Davidson (voiced by Hynden Walch) - a grumpy little girl who gets herself in various situations in the different dimension.
    • Bulk (vocal effects by Dee Bradley Baker) - a dimwitted bull terrier who is Rachael's pet and usually follows her around.


From the books

  • Luke (voiced by Grey Griffin) - a little boy who led Rachel and Bulk into the dimension.
  • Trunko (voiced by John DiMaggio) - a living tree creature who is a complete idiot.
  • Ren (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) - a red dragon who is mature and considers Trunko as an annoyance.
  • Guy (voiced by Jason Isaacs) - a giant who is one of Luke's best friends.
  • Clyde (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) - a cloud who is rather emotionless.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Davidson (voiced by TBD and TBD, respectively) - Rachael's caring parents who are concerned about how Rachael interacts with other children.
  • Brian Hughes (voiced by TBD) - a friendly yet somewhat gluttonous little boy who likes to eat various types of junk food from candy to pizza.
  • Hood (non-speaking) - a hoodie that doesn't really speak, yet he is somehow able to do stuff such as cooking and driving.
  • Data (voiced by Jim Meskimen) - a human-sized mobile phone with two legs that is very intelligent.
  • Updog (voiced by TBD) - a worm with a dog head that is obsessed with various types of food.
  • P.B. and Jay (voiced by Tom Kenny and Kevin Michael Richardson, respectively) - a happy-go-lucky peanut butter jar and grape jelly jar who like to do things together.
  • Musculus (also voiced by John DiMaggio) - a computer mouse with muscular mouse arms and legs along with a mouse tail who is tough.
  • Carol (voiced by Kari Wahlgren) - a giant cardinal who is rather short-tempered.
  • Penny, Jenny, and Lenny (voiced by TBD, TBD and TBD, respectively) - three ghost-like creatures who often bicker at each other.
  • Arthur (voiced by Jennifer Hale) - a smart little boy who was Luke's best friend next to Guy before he met Rachael, as he has his own flying vehicle shaped as a clown head.
  • Smouglus F. Crawley (voiced by Bill Fagerbakke) - a giant fog-like creature who, despite the masculine name, is actually a cowardly female.


  • Alistair Feng (voiced by TBD) - a businessman who is well-liked by others, yet is secretly a werewolf as he tries to hold back his werewolf instincts.
  • Lance (voiced by Christian Slater) - a calm and serene talking stick who Luke has found and befriended as he can't move.
  • Duckus (voiced by Eric Bauza) - a living rubber ducky who is bought to life by a mysterious person, being befriended by Rachael.
  • Kaa (voiced by Gregg Berger) - a giant spider who is said to be scary, but is actually a helpful and kind-hearted one.
  • The Fruit Queen (voiced by TBD) - the friendly and benevolent queen of living fruit people.
  • Noisy (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • Professor MC Sledgehammer (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • Mr. Loch Ness Monster (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • Ding and Dong (voiced by TBD and TBD, respectively) - TBD
  • Oliver Balkry (voiced by TBD) - a rowdy space captain who pilots a spaceship shaped as a pirate ship.


From the books

  • The Smashaliens (also voiced by Eric Bauza, Jeff Bennett, Bill Fagerbakke, and Daran Norris) - a group of aliens who like destroying things just for fun.
  • Tiffany (voiced by Cree Summer) - an African-American little girl who is popular at Rachael's school and likes picking on Rachael, making her one of the reasons why Rachael hates school.
    • Lisa (voiced by TBD) - an arrogant yet somewhat ditzy little girl who follows Tiffany as they are best friends.
    • Victoria (voiced by TBD) - a tomboyish Hispanic little girl who is Tiffany's other best friend and likes to pull pranks on Rachael.
  • Mrs. Morgan Campbell (voiced by TBD) - a cranky old teacher who has been teaching Rachael and her classmates before the start of their summer break.


  • The Apple Things (vocal effects by Rob Paulsen) - tiny apple-shaped creatures who were living on Trunko until Rachael took them off, only for them to start living at her house instead.
  • The Puberty Giant (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • Brutalia (voiced by Kimberly Brooks) - a female warrior from the Lost Island who is very dangerous.
  • Numpkins (vocal effects by Tara Strong) - a gerbil who Rachael, Bulk and their friends in the different dimension were assigned to watch over, as it acts cute and innocent when its owner is around, but is actually a psychopath.
  • Sasha (voiced by TBD) - a rude and vain young girl who likes to treat her classmates poorly and demands attention.
  • Replica (also voiced by Hynden Walch) - a replica of Rachael created by Arthur who acts exactly like her, making her the perfect clone, but is having an identity crisis, trying to act different rather than being the perfect clone.
  • Lil Howard (voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz) - a talking turtle who has telekinetic powers and forces various people he calls Big Howards to do work for him.
  • Blank (voiced by TBD) - the god of boredom who wants to make everybody feel bored as that gives him excitement and joy.
  • Choco-Cow (vocal effects by TBD) - a cow who milks out chocolate milk, and also wrecking havoc.
  • Goopy (voiced by TBD) - an evil glob of goop who has been causing chaos.
  • Drew and Payton (voiced by TBD and TBD, respectively) - TBD
  • Havoc (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • The Dino Riderz, consisting of:
    • Tammy (voiced by TBD) - the leader of the Dino Riderz who is rather arrogant.
    • Rodger (voiced by TBD) - the second-in-command of the Dino Riderz who is very angry and cynical.
    • Raniero (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • Terry (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • Mr. Hate (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • The Leaf Beast (vocal effects by TBD) - a monster made out of a pile of leaves that Rachael refused to do, wrecking havoc.
  • The Creepy Creeper (voiced by TBD) - a creepy guy who loves to creep around.


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