Adventures in Kitty City is a 2D Animated show made by Village Roadshow and Mandalay Television.


  • TBA as Ava, a gardener
  • TBA as Brie, a dairymaid and is Mallory's sister
  • TBA as Cookie, a chef
  • TBA as Francois, a baker
  • TBA as Franny, a farmer
  • TBA as Honey, a beekeeper
  • TBA as Kappy, a conductor
  • TBA as Kent, a clerk
  • TBA as Luigi, an Italian chef
  • TBA as Mallory, a milkmaid, owner of Bessie the cow and is Brie's sister
  • TBA as Milo, a miller and owner of Odie the donkey
  • TBA as Pete, a pig rancher
  • TBA as Riggs, a rancher and owner of McNugget the chicken
  • TBA as Siggi, a fisherman
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