Adventures in Kat-sitting is an upcoming episode of the Three Lionhearted Kats on season 2.


While his parents left for a trip, Isaak is getting Kat-sitted by his nanny, Miss Tulipfly.


The plot starts in the morning time, Isaak wakes up and goes downstairs for breakfast. Hernan and Lidia tells him Sprucia and Gilli are at school now and going on a huge trip, they hired a nanny to take care of him while his parents are gone. The doorbell rings and Isaak checks who it is, he closes the door and didn't see anyone. Hernan opens the door and it reveals to be an old fairy, shocking Isaak speechlessly about her being small. Miss Tulipfly greets herself to Isaak, both of his parents left now and at the treefort with only Tulipfly.

Isaak talks about his interests that he loves to do, and plays his favorite vihuela. He also bitterly talks about his early life a little, Tulipfly tickles him alot making him laugh hysterically. TBA


Adventures in Kat-sitting/Transcript


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