List of Characters from the series.

Main Characters

  1. Lucy Longwhiskers: A bunny.
  2. Molly Twinkletail: A mouse.
  3. Ellie Featherbill: A duckling.
  4. Bella Tabbypaw: A gray kitten.
  5. Sophie Flufftail: A squirrel.
  6. Emily Prickleback: A hedgehog.
  7. Ruby Fuzzybrush: A fox.
  8. Rosie Gigglepip: A guinea pig.
  9. Olivia Nibblesqueak: A hamster
  10. Evie Scruffypup: A black and white puppy.
  11. Chloe Slipperslide: An otter.
  12. Grace Woollyhop: A lamb.
  13. Hannah Honeypaw: A bear.
  14. Freya Snufflenose: A dormouse.
  15. Lottie Littlestripe: A badger.
  16. Matilda Fluffywing: An owl.
  17. Katie Prettywhiskers: A tabby kitten.
  18. Phoebe Paddlefoot: A beaver.
  19. Millie Picklesnout: A piglet.
  20. Amy Snowycoat: A seal pup.

Recurring Characters

  1. Poppy Muddlepup: A golden retriever puppy.
  2. Amelia Sparklepaw: A white kitten.
  3. Mia Floppyear: A lopped eared bunny.
  4. Maisie Dappletrot: A Shetland pony.
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