• Rated PG for mild violence, threat, rude humour, very mild bad language.
  • Suggested Running Times: 89 Minutes (NTSC), 85 Minutes (PAL).
  • Being the 5th theatrical film from Cartoon Network after The Powerpuff Girls MovieRegular Show: The Movie, We BARE BEARS: The Movie and Teen Titans GO! To The Movies.
  • The film was in normal, and Real-D 3D.
  • In the epilogue, after defeating the Lich, Finn leaves his friends and the Tree Fort, after which he grows up, meets architect Brenda, then after the events of the film, it is revealed that Rosalinda and Finn were married and had two kids named Ice Cub and Bonnie.
  • The film was originally intended as the series finale, since the real series' finale being "Come Along with Me".
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