Admiral kwanzuke

Admiral Kwanzuke is the main antagonist of the 2016 Hasbro animated film My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Godzilla's Arrival. He is the leader of the Vile Military Enforcement of Canterlot (or V.M.E.C for short). He is revealed to be the main antagonist of the entire franchise due to his role in the origins of the mirror/portal hybrid object as first seen in the first installment.


He is first introduced when his fellow soldiers march their way to let him come. He then informs the incident involving Godzilla and his companion Zilla. He then gets confronted by Sunset Shimmer He then asks negative question about the monster, his nature, and his (false) friendly side with the connection of Equestrian magic. Sunset Shimmer says no and when one of his soldiers say that Godzilla is on his way, he informs them to prepare the rocket launchers and tanks and marches away to battle.

He also appeared when he honorably ordered one of his fellow soldiers to get some blood of Godzilla's. The fellow soldier does so via fusing him and Sunset with sleeping gas, running back to the base with the other soldiers, and fueling up Mechagodzilla. Kwanzuke then tells his soldiers the grand thing they will do tomorrow.

He later appears framing Sunset Shimmer for destroying the city and his soldiers put them on exile. But much later, he and the soldiers summon the M.U.T.O monsters bring on about the apocalypse. He wasighted by Sunset via entering a turned on Mechagodzilla.

He then appeared in the film's climax facing Sunset Shimmer, her friends, Godzilla, Zilla, and some other monster with an iron fist. But as his robotic creation explodes, he somehow survives. He then starts explaing that he created the mirror/portal hybrid object, planned the malevolent turn in Sunset Shimmer's life, and Midnight Sparkle's anger to turn into evilness. He then gets killed by the cosmic Pony and Godzilla, never to be heard about again.


  • He is voiced by Keith David.
  • He is even more evil than Principal Cinch, The Sirens, and Sunset Shimmer herself (whom later reformed).
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