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Adam McArthur (born November 28, 1982) is an American actor, singer, voice actor, comedian, musician and martial artist based in Los Angeles, California, United States.[4] His best-known role is voicing Marco Diaz in the Disney XD cartoon Star vs. the Forces of Evil. He also voices characters on other animation shows, and on-screen on some nationally aired commercials. In martial arts, he specializes in kung fu, has been a champion at some tournaments, and has been the featured subject of several documentaries that have aired on PBS.


  • LEGO Ninjago series - Kai
  • Tekken X Disney Universe - Marco Ublado Diaz, Additional voices
  • LEGO Super Heroes series
    • LEGO Marvel series - Miguel O' Hara/Spider-Man 2099
    • LEGO DC series - Bat-Mite

Known for

  • The voice of Marco Ublado Diaz
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