Adam Flatson
Background information
Feature films
Television programs The Secondary School Choir
Video games
Books and Comics
Park attractions
Portrayed by Robbie Kay
Portrayed by
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Adam Martin Flatson
Other names
Personality Mean, Bully
Appearance Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes, Fair Skin
Birthday 2002
Occupation Student(formerly), Villain
Alignment Bad
St. John Secondary School(formerly)
Home Georgetown, West Midlands, England
Enemies Reece Brown

Blake Thomson

James McVey

Tristan Evans

Luke Hemmings

Calum Hood

Michael Clifford

Ashton Irwin

Likes Flat Voices, Flat Items
Dislikes Reece, Choirs
Powers and abilities Make Everything Flat Including Voices

Adam Martin Flatson is the antagonist of The Secondary School Choir. He is 17-years-old and was expelled from St. John Secondary School in 2015 when he was 13.


He is shown to have blonde hair, brown eyes and fair skin. He is shown with a silver jacket over a yellow shirt, grey cargo pants and grey and white converse-like shoes.


Not much is shown about him but he can be mean and he bullies people. He also doesn't like being humiliated.


His first name, Adam is the Hebrew word for "man". It could be ultimately derived from Hebrew אדם ('adam) meaning "to be red", referring to the ruddy colour of human skin, or from Akkadian adamu meaning "to make".

His middle name, Martin comes from the Latin name Martinus, which is a late derived form of the name of the Roman god Mars, the protective godhead of the Latins, and therefore the god of war. The meaning is usually rendered in reference to the god as "of Mars", or "of war/warlike" ("martial").

His last name, Flatson is a play on the word, 'Flat' because he makes things and voices flat. It almost rhymes with a traditional British name, Watson.


With the help of his glasses, he can make things and voices flat. His glasses are revealed to be powered by a chemical called Flatranium which makes things flat. It also even makes voices flat if someone drinks it.


  • Adam is right-handed as shown as how he powers up his glasses
  • Adam mainly speaks in a Hampshire accent which shows that he originated from southern England
  • Adam's race is unknown
    • However, he was originally going to be of African origin but to match the actor's race, he is white
  • Adam was expelled from St. John Secondary School but he still lives in Georgetown. However it is unknown
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